Black Clover 1x140

A Favor for Julius

Julius Novachrono asks Marx Francois to do some favors for him. First, Marx escorts Sally and Makusa North, who is the Magic Item Research Lab Specially-Appointed Researcher, to the Black Bulls base so that Sally can experiment on them in order to help develop a mana-increasing magic tool for fighting the Spade Kingdom. After trapping Marx and Makusa in Gel Magic, Sally chases after the Black Bulls and tests injecting different liquids, which cause their magic power to explode and leave them unconscious. Having saved Asta for last, Sally only takes a clipping of his hair, although she is tempted to take more. After everyone recovers, Makusa takes Sally’s data back to the capital.The second task is to travel with Fuegoleon Vermillion and Nozel Silva to a village in the Forsaken Realm and investigate trouble there.
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